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the men of Jericho, 345;


Verse part Definition: Part of speech: Strong's: Hebrew: Transliteration:
the men son Noun H1121 בְּנֵ֣י be·nei
of Jericho, a city in the Jordan Valley captured by Joshua Noun H3405 יְרֵחֹ֔ו ye·re·chov,
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345; a three, triad Noun H7969 שְׁלֹ֥שׁ she·losh



JERICHOjer'-i-ko (the word occurs in two forms. In the Pentateuch, in 2 Kings 25:5 and in Ezra, Nehemiah, Chronicles it is written yerecho; yericho, elsewhere): In 1 Kings 16:34 the final Hebrew letter is he (h), instead of waw (w). The termination waw (w) thought to preserve the peculiarities of the old Canaanite. dialect. In the Septuagint we have the inde... View Details

Parallel Verses

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New American Standard Bible the men of Jericho, 345;
King James Bible the men The children of Jericho, 345;three hundred forty and five.
Interlinear the men of Jericho, 345;