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Bible Study Company First Annual User Conference Cleveland TN July 26-27, 2019

2019 theme: Studying Scripture to Live a Praiseworthy Life 

To be a disciple of Jesus Christ we must study the Word of God. Christ is the Word of God. A theme of the Old Testament is pointing to Christ. The New Testament is obedience to Christ and advancing the Kingdom of God, first in our hearts and then in the hearts of the lost. What are the practical ways to study the bible to become a disciple? We explore that in our first annual conference. Dr. Baruch Korman of will give us best practice steps that he has learned to study the scripture and Ric Joyner, CEO of Bible Study will demonstrate tips and techniques in Bible Study Company web software. The conference will offer times for questions and fellowship. Please note we are charging $25.00 for the expenses, food and misc. 

Please note that we have limited seating. We are working on video options for the conference and will update here. 

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