F.A.Q. Does BSC have an audio version?

How is the Bible Study Company funded?

We at bible study company are self-funded and hope to always provide free resources for our customers. We do have a donate button below that can be used to help us fund the projects. 

Can I make a donation? 

Absolutely!  You can make a secure one time or even a recurring donation by clicking here: http://bit.ly/supportBSC

What is the difference between a note and a journal?

A note can be tied to scripture or not. A Journal entry is for you to track your thoughts, life, and struggles. Prayer entry is for tracking prayer. We suggest that your journal is used to keep track of things God is doing in your life and the people around you. Notes can be taken as you study scripture and find information that will help you grow in your relationship with God. Please be aware that by going to the top of the site to "my journey" menu you can use notes, prayers, and journals without attaching them to scripture. We find this helpful. 

How do I watch Dr. Korman's teachings?

It's very easy. We have embedded Baruch's teachings in our Lexicon. Simply look for the little camera icon as you read scripture and select the icon for teaching.

How do I sign up for Bible Study Company?

Select the signup tab in the upper right-hand corner of the site. There are very simple prompts that will help you sign up.

Can I use all the tools for free?

Absolutely!  Our goal is to keep BSC free to all users. We do however accept donations to offset the cost to keep the site going and informative. We never want the tools and Word of God to be inaccessible to anyone due to cost. We are grateful to those who have donated. Thank you!

How do I download your app?

Go to this blog entry and you will find links for your particular phone or device. Please share with friends. https://biblestudycompany.com/blog/article/121