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Baalah and Iim and Ezem,


Verse part Definition: Part of speech: Strong's: Hebrew: Transliteration:
Baalah the name of several places in Isr. Noun H1173 בַּעֲלָ֥ה ba·'a·lah
and Iim a place on the E. border of Moab Noun H5864 וְעִיִּ֖ים ve·'i·yim
and Ezem, "bone," a place in the Negev of Judah Noun H6107 וָעָֽצֶם׃ va·'a·tzem.

Parallel Verses

Removed text
Added text
New American Standard Bible Baalah and Iim and Ezem,
King James Bible Baalah Baalah, and Iim Iim, and Ezem,Azem,
Interlinear Baalah and Iim and Ezem,