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and Eltolad and Chesil and Hormah,


Verse part Definition: Part of speech: Strong's: Hebrew: Transliteration:
and Eltolad "God is generator," a city in S. Judah Noun H513 וְאֶלְתֹּולַ֥ד ve·'el·to·v·lad
and Chesil a place in S. Judah Noun H3686 וּכְסִ֖יל u·che·sil
and Hormah, "asylum," a place in Simeon Noun H2767 וְחָרְמָֽה׃ ve·cha·re·mah.
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HORMAHhor'-ma (chormah): A city first mentioned in connection with the defeat of the Israelites by the Amalekites and the Canaanites, when, after the ten spies who brought an evil report of the land had died of plague, the people persisted, against the will of Moses, in going "up unto the place which Yahweh hath promised" (Numbers 14:45 Deuteronomy 1:44). af... View Details

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New American Standard Bible and Eltolad and Chesil and Hormah,
King James Bible And Eltolad, and Eltolad and Chesil Chesil, and Hormah,
Hebrew Greek English and Eltolad and Chesil and Hormah,